June 2017

Dear Parents and Alumni,

Our first annual John Lamb Memorial 7 on 7 Alumni event turned out to be a terrific success! John was watching, as the weather turned out to be beautiful, food was plentiful, there were plenty of players and games, and we raised over $7000!!! All of this money will be designated towards scholarships we will offer each year to seniors on the team who best exemplify John's character and the values of our program.

Everyone's contributions made this happen - thank you so much - and a special shout-out to Beth Indovina for her effort and personal donations of the wristbands and signs! Now that we have the event off the ground, we want to improve upon it for 2018 and all the years that follow. Please jot down and share with Beth, the booster club or me things that we could tweak and/or improve upon to help grow our event and make it successful for years to come.

I only had a handful of emails - please forward this to anyone you know who was involved and extend our sincerest gratitude as a program.

Theresa, Jeremy, Josh and Justin - we love you!

Enjoy your summer. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.


Coach Penna

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